Nanoprinting: a new green horizon

2020-01-08 15:04

Nanotechnology and traditional printing seem to be a little different. However, the pioneering research of Song Yanlin, a researcher at the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has caused a relationship between the two. Unusually, his “defined” printing can be printed without photographic processing; beautiful pictures can be printed without dyes; circuit boards can be printed easily without etching, and no waste water is produced in the whole process, and low cost……

  Additional printing Don’t eat "moon chewed by others"

   In the 1990s, domestic branded print cartridges were almost invisible on the domestic market. The core technology was monopolized by foreign companies, and the equipment and consumables were expensive, which discouraged most domestic companies.

   "Innovation and entrepreneurship in China is not only a technical and commercial issue, but also a deep understanding of the current situation and development trend of the entire society and the country." Song Yanlin pointed out that the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, energy and ecology. In 2004, under the support of the National 863 Program, Song Yanlin developed ink cartridges and inks with quality comparable to well-known foreign brands at only one-tenth of the price, and the production process is completely environmentally friendly.

   However, Song Yanlin clearly realized that to localize something made abroad is to eat "buns that others have chewed." He wants to pioneer the technology to eliminate the pollution problem of traditional printing plate making from the source.